January 2020

Hi ,Thanks for visiting our webpage.
This webpage has been created for those interested in forming a Vegan Eco Co housing community near the sea  in South Devon England. The website will be developed further as the membership grows and the group expands.
We are looking for more members to join and help further develop the project . This currently entails Skype meetings, having input into project documentation,   and meeting up face-to-face , to see how we can move the project into the next exciting stage of realization.

Coastal Community is hoping to offer its space   as a national / international  center  for Vegan excellence  / activities . This will   include   Health and  fitness retreats . Sustainable living  ,  Permaculture / Horticulture . Festivals , Events  , workshops  , courses  etc

We believe that having this resource  will help  promote  veganism compassionate and sustainable  living and world  peace .

Please find below some information about the group, our ideas and plans. We ask for you to get back to us with a bit about yourself / yourselves, your interests, aims and plans:
• Please tell us about yourself / your household and your requirements.
• What would be the most important aspects of living in an ecovillage / co-housing community for you?
• What financial commitment could you make? How would you see supporting yourself?
• What skills / knowledge / experience could you offer?
• What would you not like to see in an ecovillage / co-housing community?
• When can you get involved? How much time do you have? When could you move in?!
• Are you wanting to participate in the building process or would you prefer to move later, but be interested in an initial investment?
• Do you already know of a potential site with planning permission / dwellings / services?
• and finally; Anything else you want to tell us? Do you have any questions?
Members and our requirements:
We welcome members from diverse backgrounds . Including couples, singles and families; all ages and abilities especially those with children .
We are very keen to find a property near the coast with a enough land, most likely with planning permission / some buildings, maybe a farm with plenty of outbuildings or a holiday complex with existing dwellings. We are ideally looking for a large south-facing gently-sloping piece of land with a number of buildings (and / or some form of planning permission), woodland, water and good biodiversity. The south coast of England has the best climate in the UK, is the warmest and has the most sunshine and least rainfall / snow. It would be good to find somewhere with a rural feeling, Hopefully this will come with reasonably good transport links and wider communities nearby with which we can build co-operative links.

Financial commitment:
Co-purchasing will be more affordable than doing it alone, but the joint purchase will need financial and personal commitment. At present we are imagining purchasing a property and refurbishing it for under a £ 1 million involving 5 – 8  households ( maybe less to start with ) . Some  of us are now ready to move, but won’t  be  looking at specific properties untill the group gets on well .There could be possibilities of house sharing / affordable rents / yurt living with or without financial commitment on completion of some works .

We are working on the best legal structure and plans which will best suit the group; we are still advertising for more members , and believe the structure needs to develope as more people join. There are various legal structures available to us, such as co-operative/mutual home ownership and membership share systems; we are clear that everybody’s investment will be protected and withdrawable, and that the structure will be able to accommodate members’ changing needs, such as having children and children leaving home. Important decisions regarding the set up and running of the community should be made with input from all members ..

We will have clear guidelines around joining and leaving, communal space, decision making and conflict resolution. We envisage a commitment of time and/or money to the community, but intend this to be as flexible and accommodating as possible.

Skills that could be useful include  , green building, food growing , plumbing , electrics, off-grid technologies, architecture, design, permaculture and stock-free/veganic growing, biodynamics, property renovation and development, mechanics,  event organising,  catering, marketing, pottery , teaching, yoga, timber framing , music making , Non violent comunication , meditation to name a few . A number of these skills are already catered for by group members
Things we need to focus on.
Logistics of timing everybody’s move: may be necessary or desirable for some to move first and build and others follow later; some may wish to be part of the initial purchase, but not the build process.
Finding a legal structure that protects both individual investments and the community.
Making sure everyone is treated equally and fairly and has input and their voices heard. Striking the balance between each household’s autonomy and the needs of the community.
We feel it will be very important to maintain communication channels, get to know each other; having a clear strategy for group communication and finding resolution.
We are currently having some Skype meetings in the  evenings, which is a good method of getting to know each other , exploring ideas , running over plans and timescales, and trying to make it happen as soon as we can .

Vision Statement


We believe our future is best served by being an inclusive, respectful, compassionate and cruelty-free group, seeking open dialogue and co-operation. We will work towards these sustainable values, to be the change we want to see, in the world.


Providing a safe space for people, to think global and act local, in solidarity, whilst having fun with friends. We communicate and connect in community activities, shared work and business, in an atmosphere of honesty, openness, freedom and liberty.


In South Devon  England within a radius of approximately 30 miles from Totnes , in a rural yet accessible location. It’s going to be an affordable mix of private and shared space, seeking to provide a clean chemical-free and healthy environment for people and animals.  Welcome, to a truly healing and therapeutic place to live.

Our Vision:

Think global, act local: living together in community sharing activities, work and business.


Thanks for looking.
If you are interested, you are welcome to get in touch at: info at coastalcommunity.org.uk


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